Excited about Self-Sovereign Identity

Phillip Gibb  —  October 24, 2018 — Leave a comment

Recently I had the awesome privilege to write an article for OfferZen  about Why I’m excited about Self-Sovereign Identity. It was an opportunity to express my understanding about Self-Sovereign Identity and all the related aspects in the SSI space.

For about 6 months I have been working at Trustlab.tech, at first hoping to work with smart contracts and anything related to development around Ethereum and Tendermint. Little was I to know how much more there was.

There are so many aspects to Blockchain development that is not strictly blockchain, and this is so true for developing in the Self-Sovereign Identity space. Sure there are Smart Contract for many of the identity systems, but the one I am most interested in is Sovrin (Hyperledger Indy) there is even less so because there is not much that gets put onto the Ledger.

So here I am learning about credentials, claims, proofs, zero knowledge proofs, revocation, etc etc. Best of all is interacting in this space with all kinds of people all over the world. Hardly a week goes by where I have not had some zoom call with like minded people participating in the SSI space.

Just watch this space!

There are going to some really cool apps, use-cases and services coming.

Phillip Gibb
Global Consent Self-Sovereign Identity Developer and Developer of Smart Contracts at Trustlab for the ixo platform.
Polyglot Developer pushing the stack in Blockchain technologies, especially Hyperledger-Indy. Most of my journey has been as a Java Software Engineer with experience in the realms of eCommerce and Telecoms. Providing software solutions for Electronic Fund Transfers and payment gateways, as well as the securing of data involved in such transactions. Creating of mechanisms and servers for hardware and software cryptographic management and protection of keys and data. Interfacing into terminals and pinpads for retail applications.

Specialties: eCommerce, Cryptology and Messaging, BlockChain, Smart Contracts and CryptoCurrency

ixo is the Blockchain for Impact, helping individuals and organisations around the world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. It gives everyone the power to deliver, evaluate and invest in sustainable social, environmental and economic development. Using blockchain technologies and Web3 standards, ixo enables all measurable changes to be transformed into Verified Impact Data with crypto-economic Proof of Impact. This is recorded in real-time, in an ecosystem that is owned by everyone.

My role on this exciting project is to develop the management of ixo tokens in the pre-sale for preparation for TGE

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